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Chow Down Real Smooth Y’all

February 21, 2024

A female chef wearing a chef hat reaches into a bowl of fruit while making an Acai Bowl inside an elementary school cafeteria.

Our recent breakfast had us cha cha sliding down to see our friends at Matt Kelly ES. The morning was so electric that by the end of the breakfast, several of the kids were dancing out of their seats! Ok, maybe the school’s decision to play some energizing music had something to do with it. 

Not everyone incorporates a dance party into breakfast, but we are here for it! It reinforces our message on the important role healthy eating has on fueling the body for play. And come on let’s call dancing what it is…exercise. Getting the body moving after a meal with a light walk or dance is the perfect recipe for a healthy attitude. Plus incorporating fun into breakfast is a great way to help entice even the most picky of eaters to try something new. 

Noticeably absent from this breakfast was the buzzing of the blenders for Jamba Juice smoothies. Normally at every breakfast our friends at Hospitality Culinaire, Inc. are behind the blenders serving up delicious Jamba Juice smoothies, but once a year they step up to the plate as a culinary sponsor, cooking the main meal. As the sponsors for this breakfast, they upped the ante from a smoothie to a delicious Acai bowl with granola, blueberries, and strawberries, accompanied by a delicious sausage egg & cheese wrap. We are incredibly grateful to the Ty family, owners of Hospitality Culinaire, Inc. for their years of support of our programs.

Two men and a female stand behind a table prepping breakfast bowls to be served to kids at an elementary school cafeteria.

There were smiles all around as the kids chowed down delightfully on these breakfast items while listening to some hoppin’ tunes including the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and many others. Some kids even got up on the stage to dance after they were finished eating!

Speaking of Chowing Down, we’re grateful to our friends and the Guy Fieri Foundation for their generous donation to support our Cookin’ Up Breakfast program. Thank you for helping us feed students in our community!

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