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Blending Up Breakfast at Gene Ward Elementary School

February 27, 2023

Thursday, February 23rd, we continued our Cookin’ Up Breakfast initiative, this time serving up to our friends at Gene Ward Elementary School! 

The South Point Casino culinary team, led by Executive Chef Chris Johns, joined us serving up a delicious and nutritious breakfast consisting of: Breakfast Quesadilla filled with scrambled eggs with salsa; Fresh Fruit Cups with pineapple and melon; Mini Blueberry Muffins; and Low-fat Anderson Dairy regular and chocolate milk. Chef Johns has been on the forefront of supporting Chefs for Kids since nearly its inception, and has hosted countless breakfasts for our students over the years. That’s why we’re proud to be honoring him with the Legacy Award at the 31st Dinner & Auction taking place April 15 at Palms Casino Resort. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Chef Johns and the team at The South Point Casino.

Our friends at Jamba Juice also joined us, blending up a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie, which was many of the students’ favorite part of the meal. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring! A smoothie made with fresh or frozen fruit is the perfect sweet treat to incorporate into your morning meal or afternoon snack. You can even hide in veggies like spinach or blend in peanut butter for more protein! 

One student shared that this breakfast was “The best part of their morning” while others were thrilled to be able to share a meal with their friends. Seeing the way that the students connected with one another over the meal was truly magical.  All the students were very appreciative of the meal the South Point Casino chefs provided that morning, with each of them saying a big “Thank you” to the chefs at the end of their meal! 

Thank you to everyone who made this breakfast possible, you truly made these students’ day sweet! 

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