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Chefs for Kids Turns 30!

March 29, 2021

Wow! Time goes flying by when you’re having fun! Chefs for Kids turns 30 in 2021, and we’re celebrating 30 years of love and dedication to helping children in southern Nevada.

With a volunteer platform, the board of directors has found decades of success by collaborating with the community for continued support of our programs. Our chef volunteer organization does great work and we reach and feed an average of 1000 children a month.

But beyond feeding the community, nutrition education is at our core. Childhood and adolescence are critical periods for development of good health practices. Many health behaviors established in childhood persist into adulthood. Because many chronic diseases are attributable to poor diet, physical inactivity and weight, it is essential to start good health practices as early as possible.

There are different areas you can power your dollars in order to help us fuel up for another 30 years.

Healthy Eating

We could not deliver programing without our lovely educators. Help us support their dedication to the classroom by teaching nearly 3,000 third-grade students each year to pick a better snack and get active. Sponsor a nutrition educator. Here’s more about the education component, Produce Pick of the Month:

  1. Nutrition educators visit third grade in Title 1 schools once a month for 40 minutes.
  2. Curricula promotes health practices for lifelong, healthy lifestyles in children.
  3. Children receive instruction in healthful nutrition practices based on the most current research. The program helps children make healthy choices from foods available to them.
  4. Children learn to choose foods that provide the greatest benefit to their bodies. A monthly take-home handout written in both English and Spanish, given to families to expand instruction into the home. September: cantaloupe; October: leafy greens; November: cauliflower; December: jicama; January: garbanzo beans; February: peppers; March: oranges; April: asparagus; May: blueberries
  5. A highlight of the program: monthly food tastings where the children sample a healthy vegetable or fruit snack.
  6. Support and initiate school wellness activities using public health approaches.

Cookin’ Up Breakfast

Fall in love with a healthy breakfast. Our Cookin’ Up Breakfast program feeds 10,000 children yearly. Chefs plan to go back to breakfast at Title One elementary schools for the 2021/22 year. Sponsor one of our 14 breakfasts with a $2,500 donation.

Holiday Donation Drive

During the holidays, we provide select families of students in our program with extra help to put food on the table. A $50 grocery store gift card is distributed to families deemed high risk of not receiving enough food/meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Families are identified as the neediest by the counselors to participate in the program. These are families in extreme need. School counselors identify that the children may only be getting one meal a day, are in transitional housing or are homeless. Approximately 6 families are picked at each of the 14 schools.

We hope you can provide us a pinch of support!

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