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Kids Cook

July 1, 2021

Summer is in full swing! That means it’s Kids Cook time. This year our friends at ACF Chefs put together some safety videos to support the series. Each summer this enrichment program is offered through our education partner, University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension.

In these cooking classes, children learn basic cooking skills such as basic knife skills, measuring, how to follow a recipe, kitchen and food safety, and a variety of basic cooking techniques to create delicious and nutritious snacks and meals.

Check out this video from Chef Suzie. Yum, Chickpea Dough Balls!

Safety is always important in your kitchen. Chef Keith goes over basic sanitizing safety in this video.

That’s a small sample of what kids are learning. After completing the entire series, students will learn and be able to:

  • Display proper hand-washing skills
  • Read and follow a recipe
  • Recall cooking terminology
  • Exhibit food safety practices
  • Demonstrate safe knife handling skill
  • Model proper food measuring techniques
  • Maintain a safe and healthy kitchen environment
  • Explain why fruits are healthy

Chefs for Kids loves supporting the Kids Cook series. You could cook up some support by texting ’30yearsoflove’ to 243725 which will keep our nutrition teachers where they need to be, in the classroom.

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