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Squash 2020

December 27, 2020

There's still time to help us Squash 2020

Let’s send a toast out making each day your masterpiece in 2021. 🍾

Our mission is to alleviate malnutrition and hunger through education and awareness. We fund programs that feed children and provide them with the knowledge to pick a better snack. Nutrition education is at our core.

Did you know that nearly one in five children struggle with hunger in Nevada? COVID-19 has hit our community hard. The stories are heart wrenching. Families renting bedrooms or moving away from Nevada entirely. Families loosing loved ones to COVID-19. Families loosing entire belongings to fires. Families struggling to put food on the table and pay basic bills. Families struggling to survive. The stories from the counselors go on and on.

Children don’t always see the struggles that their parents have to go through sometimes. One of the third grade students was asked, “What are you most thankful for?” She responded, “My family. Family is everything.”

We agree. Thank you for continually supporting our mission, and being part of our nonprofit family.

Our goal is to ‘squash’ 2020, and If you have the ability to donate right now, consider donating to Chefs for Kids. Help us continue to squash child hunger in our state and community.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Chairman + Chef
Christopher Johns

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