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Wrangling Up Fun at Gene Ward ES

September 28, 2023

Photo of a young girl sitting at a cafeteria table eating breakfast.

On Thursday, Sept. 28 we were back in the cafeteria wrangling up fun for the students and staff with the Gene Ward ES Rangers! Executive Chef Michael Goodman and the culinary team at The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas sponsored this breakfast and brought a delicious, well-balanced meal including: Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Berries; Warm Turkey and Vegetable Frittata Sandwich with a side of fruit; and for a tasty treat – Dark Chocolate Covered Banana with Homemade Granola.  

Nutrition isn’t all about eating strictly fruits and vegetables only. It’s about maintaining a balanced diet, and that can include a sweet treat now and then. Rather than opting for sugary cereal in the morning, something like a strawberry yogurt parfait with berries can provide a healthy and nutritious sweet treat. And don’t be afraid to throw some dark chocolate on that banana! Dark chocolate, provided it’s not filled with a lot of sugar, is actually rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and can reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. So go ahead and occasionally add a little dark chocolate to your meal! The students at Gene Ward really enjoyed that sweet treat, and one girl excitedly observed “It’s as big as my head” – which made us laugh! Way to go Four Seasons for going above and beyond! 

Four Seasons is a newer partner for us as this is their second year participating in the Cookin’ Up Breakfast program. And Chef Michael said “See you next year!” Already pledging to continue his support for our program. It’s clear they enjoy being a part of our program and seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces. Oftentimes the culinary team doesn’t get to see the joy of people’s faces as they enjoy their meal. With Cookin’ Up Breakfast, they’re able to get out of the kitchen for a few minutes, be an inspiration to some kids, and see the impact of their work with their own eyes. 

These breakfast events only happen with the support of the culinary teams like Chef Michael and the team at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas and amazing donors such as Guy Fieri Foundation. Without you, some of our schools may not get this amazing experience. It can be easy to think “Oh, I’m busy right now, I’ll get to it next year.” But waiting until next year may mean that some schools will miss out this year. Don’t put off what you can do today – contact us now to partner with a school. We still have quite a few spots to fill with schools of all sizes. Help us put a smile on a kid’s face, and fill their belly with a warm nutritious meal. 

A female and male chef stand behind a table serving plates of food to elementary school students.

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