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Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Children’s Recipes

August 16, 2020

Though traditional cookbooks can be fun to flip through, in today’s world you can find just as great recipes that are also free! Social media, especially Instagram is a great resource for finding fantastic meals to make. There are thousands of talented chefs on the platform who post nutritious meals daily. These Insta-chefs cover every type of cooking imaginable, especially recipes for children. We have compiled a list of our favorites that we think you should follow for some great tips, meals, and inspiration!

1. @weelicious 

Kathrine McCord shares her many kid-friendly recipes on this popular account. She posts mouth-watering ideas daily that showcase ways to make fruits and vegetables unnoticeable and delicious for children. She is an advocate of clean eating and all her meals use fresh ingredients. Her recipes vary from healthy to an occasional treat which is great since it promotes the balance all children need.

2. @myfussyeater

If your child is picky and you feel like you are constantly at a loss for what to make, this account is for you! Ciara Atwall runs this amazing Instagram page for the parent that wants simple but healthy meals for their children. Her recipes include packed lunches, no cook pasta sauces, and so much more.

3. @theplatedzoo

Run by a mother out of New York, this creative account shows fun ways to turn fruits and vegetables into art that your child will love. Each photo she posts is a unique way to style a healthy snack in the shape of an animal. While you may not want to do this at every meal, it could be a fun thing to do on special occasions.

4. @yummytoddlerfood

While this account is geared towards kids aged one to three, their easy and simple recipes can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Their ideas include three-ingredient plates, healthy snacks, and nutritious takes on child-loved foods.

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