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How to Get Your Child Involved In The Kitchen

August 14, 2020

One of the best ways for kids to get excited about eating nutritious food is by having them involved in the process of making it. Data has shown time and time again that hands-on learning is one of the best avenues of education, especially for children. So, how do you inspire your tiny chef to join you in the kitchen? We have compiled some of our favorite ideas below!

Father and son in the kitchen

Have them choose a recipe 

Let your child go through a cookbook and give them the option of picking what they want to cook. This will allow them to feel like they are making an important decision which will be exciting for them. Once they have selected their recipe, discuss why they specifically chose that one. This will help them realize what types of foods they like and why. 

Discuss ingredients

When you are cooking, make sure to talk about each ingredient that goes into your recipe. For example, if you are cooking with carrots, emphasize that they are good for your eyes. This will show children that there is so much more to food than just making you full. Fruits and vegetables have many benefits for our bodies that kids don’t realize. Once they understand this, they’ll be more open to adding greens on their plates. 

Make it a scenario 

Change your child’s perception that cooking is a chore and make it fun! Kids love to use their imagination, and this can especially come in handy when cooking. You can pretend you are on a Food Network show, working at a restaurant, competing in a competition, and so much more. If you really want to jazz it up, you can even buy matching chef hats and aprons!

Use international recipes 

Travel around the world from the comfort of your own home. One of the best ways to learn about another culture is through their food. Ask your child what country they want to explore this week and then make one dish from there. If they want to go to Italy, you can make spaghetti. If they want to venture to India, try making traditional curry. The options are endless, and it will open your child’s eyes to the many places on our earth.

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