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Cookin’ up Yum at Matt Kelly ES

This month our chefs and community partners at ARIA Resort & Casino had the pleasure of making new friends at Matt Kelly ES. This Las Vegas school is a new…

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Colorful Cauliflower

This month our teachers filled the classrooms with one of the most colorful vegetables yet… Cauliflower! Wait, what? You thought Cauliflower is white? Well, while that may be true, like…

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Cause Shopping for The Holidays

It’s that time of the year where budgets get tight as we make room for purchasing holiday gifts for our loved ones, planning travels home to see family, and attending…

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It Takes a Village

Cliche, but true. It takes a village, and this was very evident at our latest Cookin’ Up Breakfast event. Many hands were on-deck to serve up a tasty morning treat…

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It’s Kool to Eat Kale!

No really… hear us out. That bitter leaf best known for decorating salad bars in the 1990’s is actually quite tasty when prepared the right way. This month our students…

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